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Initial Settings after installing the CentOS 7

Lazy Geek -:)

1) To change the hostname permanently, edit the following file:

sudo vi /etc/hostname


Here you can simply put the name of your system (in my case, I have assigned it CentOS-7):

centos7 (1)

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The rise of self-service analytics, in 3 charts


I’m trying really hard to write less about business intelligence and analytics software. We get it: Data is important to businesses, and the easier you can make it for people to analyze it, the more they’ll use your software to do it. What more is there to say?

But every time I see Tableau Software’s earnings reports, I’m struck by the reality of how big a shift the business intelligence market is undergoing right now. In the fourth quarter, Tableau grew its revenue 75 percent year over year. People and departments are lining up to buy what’s often called self-service analytics software — that is, applications so easy even those lay business users can work with them without much training — and they’re doing it at the expense of incumbent software vendors.

Some analysts and market insiders will say the new breed of BI vendors are more about easy…

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