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Teradata says Hadoop is good for business — but for how long?


Some financial analysts have questioned Teradata’s continued growth in an IT market where customers have Hadoop on the mind, but if the decades-old data warehouse vendor is scared, it isn’t letting on.

« It’s more about mitigating the hype than mitigating the reality, » Teradata Labs President Scott Gnau said when I asked him recently about the effects of open source Hadoop on Teradata’s historically proprietary (and pricey) software and appliances. Because of issues around governance, security and performance, he said it’s « kind of silly » to suggest Hadoop is a valid replacement for a Teradata system.

If anything, Gnau thinks Hadoop and Teradata technologies are complementary. « Our joint components are worth more than the individual parts alone, » he said.

At least for now, it seems like a fair point. On Monday, Teradata announced a handful of new products and features, including a capability called QueryGrid that lets user write a SQL query in Teradata and…

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